About the Site

This site is focused on US citizens who live in the UK and are interested in saving and investing for long term goals – especially for Financial Independence/Early Retirement (FIRE).

Topics here will focus on those that relate to that focus: financial planning, investing, US/UK taxes and how they work together, etc.

There are a lot of related topics that are out of scope because they’re already well elsewhere. That includes:

  • General Investing
  • FIRE Basics
  • Personal finance basics (budgeting, paying off high interest debt, etc.)
  • Immigration & visas

I’ve put some links to good resources for those topics in the Resources page.

I created this site to help people – this can be a complicated topic and pretty daunting when you first go down the rabbit hole. I’d like to maybe cover the costs, but the main point isn’t a “side hustle”, it’s to share knowledge and help others.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a tax lawyer, a financial professional, a tax professional, or any other relevant professional. Everybody’s situation is unique, and there are lots of little rules that can make a big difference if they apply to you. You must do your own research and may want to consult a professional. I’ve called out situations where you really, really need to do this, but in general, even innocent mistakes can be extremely costly and may not be uncovered for years or decades.

About Me

I grew up and started my career in the US, moving to the UK in 2018 with my pregnant wife and our 2 year old daughter. Aside from helping educate people on FIRE topics, I enjoy spending time with my family, walking/rambling, gardening, cooking, and reading. Professionally, I’m a project manager – while it has no direct relationship to FIRE, the organization and methodical thought processes have helped me as I try to put all the pieces together.

I wrote some more about my story in this post, if you’re interested.

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